• Hot & Cold Water Re-pipe
  • Sewer Line Repair
  • Washer/Dryer Retrofit
  • Gas Meter Seismic Retrofit
  • Emergency Construction Repairs
LEK goes above and beyond on every project with work that’s professional and fairly priced. They do a fantastic job with customer service and resident relations.
Janet Bray : Acacia Capital Corp.

Repiping For Your Occupied Building

Multi-family residential buildings have many working parts but none are as important as the pipes hidden behind the walls. For aged buildings, the pipes will eventually need replacement when they show signs of discolored water or low water pressure. These indicators show that the building's galvanized pipes are reaching the end of their lifecycle by decomposing due to chemicals typically found in most water systems. Replacing the piping in a multi-family or commercial building does not have to mean a complete shutdown or move-out of your tenants for the construction process. LEK's occupied repiping service allows complete replacement of hot & cold water lines, or waste lines, with minimal inconvenience to all parties.  

Once LEK confirms the pipes are in need of replacing we will walk side-by-side with the building owner, property manager and tenants to quickly and efficiently begin the project. After a project scope has been decided and materials selected we'll complete the permitting process for the corresponding County or City and begin the repipe service immediately.

The most important step for LEK Project Managers is the communication with building managers and tenants on the project timeline, scope and what to expect from our staff. We'll work together with property managers to properly notify tenants of what to expect during the service as well as opportunities for a town hall style Q&A if needed. LEK has found that the key to a smooth occupied multi-family residential repipe lays mostly in the communication, cleanliness and timeline promises made to the tenants that you serve.

Tenants can expect frequent notifications and updates before their unit is to be serviced. Their unit will be meticulously partitioned off for dust, laying down protective services wherever necessary. Once the work is completed for that portion of the day and before the tenant arrives back home in the evening, the work area is dusted and vacuumed and put back to complete functionality. After all the pipes have been replaced and inspected, LEK will drywall, paint with matching colors and repair any other issues needed to put the tenant's space back in order.

LEK's Project Manager and Superintendent assigned to your project are always both readily available for questions or concerns along the way. We conduct all work with our own experienced, in-house construction professionals, ensuring that all plumbing requests run smoothly from start to finish without use of subcontractors.

We've been plumbing the west coast since 1977 and would love the chance to lead you through your next repipe project. Contact LEK Enterprises today to learn how our experienced and knowledgeable construction professionals can assist you.