Featured Projects

LEK Enterprises Inc. has earned a solid reputation for completing complex projects with quality workmanship and dedication to both detail and efficiency. Through the trust our clients place in us, we have developed valued relationships and created a powerful portfolio of successful projects over the years.

Our work often requires management and logistics skills far more advanced than those that one might expect of construction professionals. And yet, with the wide-range of specialty construction services that we provide, LEK Enterprises completes ALL work assignments with our own, in-house professionals. We do not rely on subcontractors. These featured projects reflect a few recent examples of our successful work.

As someone who directs up to 45 projects in four states, I understand the challenges in keeping up with so many demands. LEK teams are consistently well organized, with great customer service, and have been available whenever we need them, sometimes at a moment’s notice. It’s amazing to me.
Al Udwin : Pacific Urban Residential

The Mill at First Hill Apartments

Operating efficiently and non-invasively in an occupied, high-rise residential community requires a disciplined plan and sound execution.

Avalon Studio City

Each project has its own unique variables and demands, even when the common desired outcome is the installation of all new washers and dryers in occupied residential units.

Sofi Irvine Apartments

While all projects demand our dedication to completing quality work efficiently, some require extremely fast turnaround times.

Harbor Cove Apartments

LEK Enterprises was tasked to install all new washers and dryers in 400 individual occupied units.

Barcelona Resort Apartments

Whenever there is a need to test for asbestos, understanding in advance, the broader scope and timeline for a re-piping project, brings an increased level of uncertainty.

Verona Park Apartments

For this Arizona property, LEK crews assumed an aggressive timeline and project schedule for installing all new washers and dryers in each individual unit.